Vocational Training „Holistic Voice Work and Song Therapy“

The latest course group (Basic Year) has started their training in 2018.

The next available course cycle (Basic Year) starts in October 2020.
Registration for these courses has opened! Further information on the vocational training can be provided in a one-on-one session during any of my seminars.

This three-year vocational training is organised in a three-phase model, meaning that it is divided in three levels: Basic, Advanced I, and Advanced II.

During the first year, the most important background material for holistic voice and song work is covered, and participants are introduced to the most important concepts in song therapy. After successful completion of the Basic course, participants can apply for participation in the second phase. Qualified applicants then first have to take part in the Advanced I course before they can move on to Advanced II.

The Basic course is subdivided into two modules, each of which consists of three blocks. Two of these blocks take place over the course of three days, whereas the third block takes four days. Both Advanced courses are subdivided into six blocks. Four of these take place over the course of three days, whereas the other two take four days.

Completion with Certificate after C. Wijnen, ISGT

- After Basic:                        “Practitioner of holistic voice- and song work
- After Advanced I:               “Song leader
-After Advanced II:               “Voice- and song therapist

It is possible to apply for this vocational training, until October 2020. When possible, application follows after participation in one of my seminars (also those not in Berlin) and a subsequent personal conversation.

Price Point
The participation fees for the first phase (Basic) are 2300€.

Informative Events for the Eigth Iteration of this Vocational Training:

Following the respective seminars.

- Seminar "Bewegtes Singen"                >>> Friday 1800

- Seminar "Atem & Stimme in Flow"       >>> Saturday 20. June 2020 1900

- Seminar "Psyche, Körper,.Stimme"       >>> Saturday 05. September 2020 1900

The informative events can also be visited independently from their seminars.

Additionally, personal conversations with me can be held during all seminars, including those taking place outside of Berlin.

Should it not be possible to visit an informative event, it also possible to schedule an appointment for a private conversation.


Language: German


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