Institute for Holistic Voicework ,Singing Therapy and Bodypsychotherapy

Vocational Training at the ISGT (January 2024)

This 3.5-year vocational training based on the Wijnen-method offers a highly beneficial supplementary qualification for everyone engage in vocal-, body-, and singing therapy.
It is especially well-suited to individuals working in healing and therapeutic professions, social workers, and those working in the arts. 

Founded in 2004

Voicework and singing, as a therapeutic medium, integrate elements of psychotherapy, speech therapy, vocal pedagogy and musical therapy. Although musical therapy is highly versatile in its methods, work with the voice and singing has played a minor role in it up to now.

This work is deserving of far more recognition as a form of therapy in its own right.

Singing therapy is the art of working therapeutically with the positive effects of voice and singing work. During my 26 years of teaching, I have consistently detected a strong compulsion in people to express themselves through their voices and to experience singing and sounds, both as individuals and as part of a group.

I foresee that in the next years singing therapy and sound/music therapy will become ever increasingly in demand both as healing and health-promoting methods.

This insight was what compelled me to found this institute in 2004 and to impart my knowledge to others in the form of further training programs.


The main elements of the institute’s work:


  • General training programs / special training programs
  • A forum for questions on all aspects of singing therapy and holistic voicework
  • Publications on the potential of voice and singing as a holistic therapeutic mediu
  • Networking for therapists working in this field


The ISGT is based in two locations:


  • “Zentrum für Yoga und Stimme” ( Center for Yoga and Voice) at Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30, Berlin-Kreuzberg

This is a venue for many different courses centered around yoga, voice work and movement. The center is located on two floors which look out onto a beautiful and tranquil rear courtyard; the rooms are large and light with adjoining tea-kitchens and bathrooms.

I offer several weekend-seminars each year on special themes related to the voice (e.g.  Healing Voice, Singing for Health)

  • “Shiatsu-Zentrum” ( Shiatsu Center) in Oranien Str. 163, also in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

My colleague Edith Storch is the director of this shiatsu training center, which also doubles as a venue for other groups and therapeutic methods such as qi gong and faith healing. There are two beautiful spaces with adjoining tea-kitchens and bathrooms on the 4th and 5th floors, overlooking a rear courtyard. The top floor has a roof garden.

I run my natural healing practice in the center. I offer one-on-one sessions in singing and other psychological and healing treatments. One of my main healing methods has always been foot reflexology.


Course participants who wish to stay overnight in the center are welcome to do so. This costs 15€ per night; please bring a sleeping bag or bedding with you.


Recognition Singing Hospitals

By participating in two years of training at ISGT (basic year and advanced I) you will receive

the recognition of three modules of the association 'Singende Krankenhäuser e.V.'.

You can complete the remaining two modules at SiKra to get the degree, where one of the two remaining modules should be the 'practice module'.



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