RESUME - Carien Wijnen

  • Doctor, naturopath, psychotherapist, singer, singing therapist , teacher, choir director.

  • Founder and director of the ISGT- the Institute of Holistic Voice-work and Singing Therapy.

  • Since 1986, Carien Wijnen has held countless seminars both in Germany and abroad on the healing powers and strengthening effects of chanting and singing.

  • A pioneer in the field of holistic singing therapy, she leads further training courses in voice work and song therapy.

  • Producer of CD's with healing songs and world music.


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  •  Born in the Netherlands in 1956.

  • Professional training in classical singing in Nijmegen.

  • Studied medicine in Nijmegen and Berlin, qualified as a medical doctor.

  • Focus of studies: naturopathy and psychosomatic medicine.

  • Worked as a doctor in a psychiatric clinic.

  • Professional training in naturopathy: 3-year full-time training in classical homeopathy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, phytotherapy, massage (classical massage, shiatsu), astromedicine, etcetera.

  • Further training in psychotherapy, breathing therapy, body therapies, energy medicine, theory of breathing types, overtone singing, conducting choirs, circle dancing, improvisation, yodeling etc.

  • Teacher of anatomy, physiology, foot reflexology.

  • Performances as a singer (jazz, classical, sing-along concerts) and conductor (women’s choir 'Chorabella').

  • Produced and distributed 7 original CD's with healing songs and world music under her own record lable, 'Rainbow Woman Productions'.

  • Founded the ISGT, the Institute for Holistic Voice-work and Sing Therapy in Berlin in 2004. Leads further training courses.

  • Teaches in many different further training institutes.

  • Leads sing-along concerts and performs as a soloist.

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