10.Training Course: „ Holistic Voicework and Singing Therapy“

A three-and-a-half year training course

The ninth vocational raining started in Berlin in 2022.

The next, tenth, cycle of vocational training is slated to start in October 2024

Registration has already opened! More information including personal interview with Carien Wijnen is available at her Seminars.
Director: Carien Wijnen

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In my seminars and in my work with my clients I am fascinated by the holistic effects of the voice and singing. Over the years I have again and again encountered the need people have to experience singing and sound as a group.

Working with the voice and singing integrates elements of vocal pedagogy, music therapy and psychotherapy. Although music therapy for example is highly versatile, the voice has played a minor role in this area up to now. Through my development of “singing therapy” as a comprehensive therapy form in its own right, the true significance of the voice becomes apparent.

The whole area of therapeutic work with the voice, singing and sound is one of the most important movements in therapy of our time and for the future!

Since 2003 I have been sharing my many years of experience in this field in the form of further training programs.


» The training programs are suitable for:

People who intend to integrate these methods in their personal development and in their professional work e.g. medical and psychological psychotherapists, psychologists, educators, pedagogues, speech therapists, dance and music therapists, respiratory therapists, musicians, singers and people from other psychosocial / healing /art professions.


» Requirements for participation :

  • A strong, carrying voice.
  • A basic knowledge of music and a sense of rhythm.
  • Previous participation in at least one of Carien Wijnen’s courses.
  • Minimum age of 20.


» Participants commit themselves to :

  • Taking part in all the course blocks (or as otherwise agreed in the contract).
  • Working through the course literature.
  • Participation in regular working groups to exchange experiences and practice methods / techniques.
  • Taking minutes of the course blocks (in rotation).
  • Participation in at least one of Carien Wijnen’s seminars as an observer and assistant.


» Additional requirements during Basic Training:

  • Preparation of a talk on a relevant topic and presentation of this during a seminar
  • As a final assignment, leading a practical session


» Additional requirements during Advanced Training:

  • Leading a group session (a written script and practical performance).
  • Setting up an own external group: designing a concept, leading a group and the documentation of at least six sessions with said group.
  • Gaining experience of one-on-one sessions and documentation of these (two series comrising at least six sessions each).
  • Writing a voice diary on the personal development process during the training courses and a final written report on the same subject.
  • Eight hours of supervision with Carien Wijnen.


» This training course is based on a two-phase model

In the first phase, the most important basic principles of holistic voice and singing work  are introduced and a basic knowledge of singing therapy is acquired. After successful completion of the Basic Training year students can apply to participate in the Advanced Training. This second phase provides an extension and consolidation of the content of the Basic Training and of the specific significance of singing therapy.

An additional focus is the practice of specific methods and learning to lead sessions  both within  the training course seminars and in external groups. This develops confidence in handling therapy sessions, consolidates  acquired knowledge and extends competences.

The course comprises six seminar blocks per year: four three-day blocks and two four-day blocks.Theoretical learning and practical application go hand in hand throughout the training course.


» General contents of the Training Course are:

·       Basic principles: holistic voice-work and singing therapy.

·       Voice: self-discovery, importance of voice, warm-ups, voice training.

·       Self-discovery: fantasy journeys, voice images, relaxation techniques, painting.

·       Expression: Chanting, improvisation, singing encounters.

·       Breathing work: breathing types, breathing techniques, body diaphragms.

·       Body work: warm-ups, meridian stretching, sound massages.

·       Voice and movement: free expression, singing while dancing, circle dancing, voice percussion, Roy Hart work.

·       Resonance and vibrations: resonating spaces, sound effects of the vowels, overtone singing, sound images, active listening.

·       Energy work: grounding exercises, chakra work via the voice.

·       Healing: the healing power of the voice, chanting, sound healing (different techniques).

·       Music theory: Music ethnology, sinology.

·       Physiology: form and function of the vocal, auditory and respiratory systems.

·       Psyche: mental illness, psychosomatic disorders, traumata, grieving process, therapeutic support.

·       Songs: meditative power and healing songs from all over the world, chants, mantras, canons, world music.

·       Instruments: frame drum, body tampura, monochord, shakers.

·       Leading groups and seminars, conflict resolution strategies, leading singing groups.

·       One-to-one work with clients: counseling, support and therapy, vocal pedagogy.

·       Professionalism: developing a professional identity, responsibility within the therapeutic process, publicity.

·       Working group: singing therapy self-discovery, exchange of experiences in the group, reflection, development of the content of the training course.


The specific themes of each seminar block are described in the course syllabus which is handed out to all participants.


» Director: Carien Wijnen

 Medical doctor, healing practitioner, singing therapist, body therapist ,psychotherapist, singer, trainer, choir leader.


Assistants: graduates of previous ISGT training courses.


» Successful participants of the Basic Training and the Advanced
Training Courses receive a Graduation Certificate from the ISGT:

  • -Basic Training :"Practitioner Module 1/2 "
  • -Advanced Training year one :"Singing Leader"
  • -Advanced Training year two : "Singing Therapist"



Basic Training €2300

Advanced Training Year one and two: €5000. 


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